Danny Westhorpe, 23, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Below is a portfolio of the web-design work I've done, along with the specific tasks completed for each one.
Included is a link to each site, but be aware, I am not responsible for their appearance or maintenance as of now.
Floral Fondant Fancies
Website designed and developed.
All text written from scratch.
Graphic creation and manipulation.
XHTML/CSS valid by W3 standards.
Some photo editing and re-sizing.
Facebook registration and implementation.
Hosting and domain purchased and controlled.
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The Stables | Wynyard
Full website design from scratch.
Considerable XHTML and CSS coding.
Digital photograph editing and manipulation.
Checked thoroughly to W3 standards.
Majority of page content written.
SEO to improve rank in Google.
Domain and hosting purchased for client.

Worth A Watch
Full website design from scratch.
Custom graphics and content.
Review upload and rate feature.
XHTML/CSS valid by W3 standards.
Number of reviews written for launch.
Social network (Facebook and Twitter) work.
All static page content written.
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Code Database
Full website design, including graphics.
Extensive XHTML/CSS work.
Content management system.
Various PHP and MySQL back end coding.
Upload system with syntax highlighting.
Most static page content written.
Advertising and promotion work.

Legend Of Bill
Installed and modified Wordpress.
Tailored template to fit.
Designed several new graphics.
XHTML/CSS clean up.
Multiple new sections implemented.
Automatic daily backup created and installed.
RSS feed fixed.
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Stick A Movie
Site designed from paper sketch.
Video upload system coded.
HTML/CSS/JavaScript work.
Cafepress store opened and linked to site.
Advertisement placement.
Interactive elements using Adobe Flash.
PHP Newsletter system coded.

Full website design.
Advised client throughout project.
Game upload and rating system coded.
Admin panel security added, PHP.
Search engine optimisation.
Advertisements strategically placed.
Tell a friend featured suggested and created.
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Fighting The System
Full website design from template.
Valid XHTML/CSS work.
Static page content suggested and created.
RSS Feed suggested and installed.
Basic article upload system.
phpBB forum installed and customized.
Some graphics work (logo, etc).

I've also created a few open source scripts (mostly written in PHP) that are available to download and use.
• Drag&Drop Blog
A blogging script with a difference. Contains only a few files to upload and can easily be copied and pasted
into your existing website to match it's current style. Script requires one MySQL database. (live preview)

• File Uploader
A fairly complex file uploading script, written in XHTML, CSS and PHP. Includes functions to count and list
all uploaded files, and security settings to limit what extensions can be uploaded. (live preview)

• Auto-Download
A simple PHP script that gives the user the option of downloading a file rather than opening it in the
browser. Useful for downloading images, text files, etc. (live preview)

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